Parallel play and wood floors

Parallel play and wood floors have nothing to do with one another except for that I like them both.  I mean, one could talk about parallel playing on wood floors, but really-just excited to have both going on.

 I was cooking about 15' away, and propped them on the blanket.  Just to see what would happen.  What happened was that Audrey set them both up to draw and color.  I think she was inspired by the animal ears I put on them after their nap. 

Lovely parallel play.
I need a meme that says something about my house being dirtier than yours.  But in my defense, I wasn't mentally prepared for the extra loads of paperwork AFTER the adoption paperwork was completed.  I forgot about that.  It must be like moms forgetting about labor pains.

Once the ears were off, Audrey decided that she'd wear Eva's AFOs (her custom, tiny ankle/foot orthotics). She was gently redirected to Eva's anti-deformity cushy hand splints instead.  Which she loved.

But that wasn't enough.  She then had to color with her mouth like Eva.

Speaking of the girls, here is their room that now has a wood floor.

And so does our living room.

And our dining rom.  Where we always perch our girls for some reason.

And our kitchen.

And the upstairs.
Ya'll I'm ready to dance through this house.

Happy weekend from a happy wife and mom whose house has floors!